Moving out

Moving VanIt's been a rough few days, but we finally managed to get everything cleaned out of the store and into some sort of storage.  It's surprising just how much you can fit into a seemingly medium-sized building, and for a while I thought we'd never manage to get it all squared away.  Fortunately, we had a lot of help from friends and family both to get the job done.  

Thank you all.

The whole time we were at it, a steady stream of customers  kept coming to the door or calling on the phone.  Every one of them had something kind to say, and several had tips on empty properties that we might want to see.  Any business depends on the good will of its customers, but we've been fortunate to have so many that we can also call friends.

Closing time (at least for now)

Closing signWell, sad to say we've closed our doors and are packing things up.  We'd like to thank all of you that have been coming by for one last visit and to say goodbye.  We didn't want to close down, but the lease was up and the owner sold the building, so now we're looking for a new home.

Hopefully, we'll see all of you again soon in a new Bergama, but until then, keep an eye on this site for news about how and we'll be opening again.

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